The Board’s Policy Manual

Is your board drafting policies in response to crises, inadvertently creating conflicting policies, and seldom having regular policy reviews? Or you are new, and you don’t know what policies you need.

This easy-to-use Policy Governance board’s manual was created with you in mind. It is a living document that organizes all current board policy statements in a convenient place for ready reference and regular updating. Over 60 templates.

Board Meeting Tool Kit

Tired of winging your board meeting?

Here is your board meeting toolkit to help you be more strategic.

  1. Sample Board Meeting Agenda Template
  2. Sample Board Meeting Minutes Template
  3. Board Minutes Checklist
  4. 10 Steps to Getting the Most from Your Board Meeting
  5. Board Meeting Evaluation

House Party Friendraising Kit

The Ultimate Fundraising Cultivation tool to help you make new friends in your community and reestablish connections with old ones.

  1. Instructions for the nonprofit professional
  2. Instructions for the host
  3. Suggested Script
  4. Sample In-person & Virtual Timed Agenda
  5. Sample email to send to a potential host
  6. Sample Email from host to Invited Guest
  7. Sample Email to vendors for in-kind donations
  8. Sample Email from the host for Virtual House Party
  9. Host Task & Timeline
  10. Nonprofit Task & Timeline
  11. Links
    • Canva Thank You Card Template
    • Canva Party Invitation Template

First-Time Donor Welcome Package Kit

If you can’t do anything else, you ABSOLUTELY should focus on first-time donors

Tons of research for many years has shown that most nonprofits lose 70% of donors after their first gift! Includes:

  1. First-Time Donor Welcome Letter Template
  2. Nonprofit Letterhead Template
  3. Newsletter Template
  4. 17 Content Ideas for Your Nonprofit Newsletter
  5. Fact Sheet Template
  6. Tips for Writing Success
  7. Board Thank You Card Template
  8. Tips for Fundraising Success
  9. Links
    • Adobe Color
    • Word Newsletters Template
    • Mailchimp for Nonprofits
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