Consulting/Coaching For Fundraisers

Group Coaching: Coaching changes everything. It resets your mindset and gives you a new perspective. INNER CIRCLE MASTERMIND Fundraising Coaching is an all-inclusive monthly group coaching program for nonprofit founders, CEO, Executive Directors & RD professionals for small startups to $4M+ who want to grow and scale in a way that is challenging, motivating, and fun. You’ll be hand-matched into a group of like-minded peers (no more than 6) and enjoy small, intimate coaching calls led by me, Sabrina.

Who is an ideal fit?  Motivated nonprofit professionals fully invested in their long-term success, open minded towards coaching, and who will show up for themselves and the group 100%.

How do I sign up?  Click HERE to schedule a 30- minute private call to see if we are a fit. You have so much to gain from coaching. I can’t wait to work with you.

Individual Consulting/Coaching: Sabrina provides individual teleconsulting sessions by phone or Zoom. These can be one-off sessions or regularly scheduled coaching calls on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Face-to-face coaching and consulting provided to those located in Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

On-site Consulting: Sabrina speaks at conferences, board and staff retreats, and board meetings on a variety of topics related to nonprofit management, fundraising, and leadership development. Her favorite topics are board development, donor cultivation and stewardship, and marketing. Consulting proposals can be customized to address the needs of specific organizations. She prefers to work with organizations that affect whole systems over the course of several months, to ensure that attitudes and behaviors change, and those changes endure.

Facilitation/Training: Sabrina leads board and staff training both on-site and remotely through webinars and conference calls. What works for your team? Maybe it’s an on-site training and memberships in Supporting World Hope to reinforce the material. For board members perhaps it’s a How to energize your bored Board and Build Relationships to Fundraise webinar followed by on-site training. Whatever your need, I can pull together services to meet it.

Webinar Training Series: Sabrina develops and conducts training webinars for board and staff members who are in offices across the country or around the world. These trainings often include a series of webinars with homework assignments for participants between sessions. Webinar training can be custom designed to address the needs of specific organizations.

On-Site Training: Sabrina leads on-site training for the board, staff, and other volunteers.  Topics include but are not limited to strategic planning, fundraising, and program implementation. These sessions vary in length from 2 hours to a full day, depending on the needs of the organization. All sessions are hands-on, experiential training that includes exercises, break-out groups, and significant discussion time. She is a certified master trainer.

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