4 Weeks of Group Coaching + 6 Weeks to Sustainable: Sustain your nonprofit even if you are brand new, burned out, or scared to ask for money.


This online course will take you from fundraising novice to fundraising gods and goddesses with step-by-step lessons and increase your fundraising confidence. It also includes 4 weeks of group fundraising coaching where you will achieve a powerful money mindset, improve your revenue, and grow your nonprofit budget.

How to secure major gifts without having a large staff, lots of time, and much board support.

How to fundraise and get major gifts even without experience planning and fundraising.

How to raise money when the organization has no prior history of fundraising and it’s hard to know WHO TO ASK FOR SUPPORT.

How to develop a more systematic approach to deepen the relationship with current donors as well as cultivate prospective major donors.

How to deepen relationships with donors and secure their support.

How to get super-focused and organized with a fundraising roadmap.

Plus get these free bonuses

Stewardship Calendar

Story Collection Form


The class registration is on a first-come, first-serve basis. The class will launch when a minimum of 5 participants is enrolled.



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