7 Nonprofit New CEO and Executive Leadership Questions with Mary McRoberts


 nonprofit new ceo and executive leadership questions
Are you a new nonprofit CEO looking for advice from a seasoned successful leader? These 7 nonprofit new ceo and executive leadership questions will provide some insight.

Mary McRoberts and her husband are the owners and operators of Hill Country Casitas.

Name: Mary McRoberts

Number of years as a CEO or Executive Director: 30 years

Current Title: Chief Executive Officer

Mary McRoberts before her retirement was the Executive Director of the Texas Alliance of Boys & Girls Clubs. She secured funding for over 346,000 of Texas’ most vulnerable youth, served by 407 Boys & Girls Clubs in 93 Texas counties (40 rural designated), and 33 BGCA-affiliated youth centers on U.S. military installations.

1. What advice would you give to professionals who have taken on a CEO or executive role for the first time?

Seek help from veterans. Copy good stuff -don’t recreate the wheel. Use your board members – they want to work.

2. What is your best advice to navigate the first 90 days?

Do a casual SWOT and work on that. Get immediate goals from the board.

3. What is your best advice on how to work with the board?

Communicate regularly – use their strengths. Appreciate them.

4. What is your best advice on leading a team?

Support them in their work – don’t micromanage and encourage them. Create a fun, but hard-working environment.

5. What is your best fundraising advice?

Every cause is a good cause, so show economic impact within your mission. Find personal connections to donors.

6. Share your greatest failure as a CEO and executive and the lesson learned. We often learn the most from our failures.

Bad hires…. just because they look good on paper, doesn’t mean they have the interpersonal skills and character traits to strengthen your team and be successful. Always give new hires quantitative goals and regular check-ins. Get them off on the right foot.

7. Recommended reading. What book helped you on your journey?

I didn’t read anything. 😉

I hope this helps. Let me know. Sharing is caring.

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Thank you to those nonprofit CEO and Executive Directors who’ve generously done the 7 questions!

I hope reading the 7 nonprofit new ceo and executive leadership questions with Mary McRoberts helps you in your nonprofit journey.

Your mission matters,

Sabrina Walker Hernandez,

President & CEO

Supporting World Hope

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