9 Steps in the Nonprofit Board Building Cycle

A good nonprofit board doesn’t just happen!  Building a board takes care, thought, and planning.  Goals for a high-performance board consists of active community leaders fulfills financial needs and having functioning committees diverse in gender, experiences, and ethnicity.

There are 9 steps in a board building cycle.  They are listed below:

1. Identify – Assess current board makeup and identify missing talent/skill to meet your nonprofit’s goals.  Once you have identified what you need to round out your board’s overall composition, you can start looking for candidates who meet those criteria.

2. Cultivate – Nurture prospective members by informing them of activities and getting them involved in your nonprofit. 

3. Recruit – Describe expectations and responsibilities to prospects and elicit their interest in serving. You’re almost ready for the election process, but before recommending candidates for election, review your organization’s bylaws to ensure that you follow any specific nomination procedures outlined within them.

4. Orient – Have you shared the good news? If not, it’s now time to notify the elected board members of the results and schedule them for a board orientation session.

5. Activate – Discover the interests and availability of new members.  Involve them in committees.

6. Educate – Provide ongoing information regarding your nonprofit’s programs, issues, trends, and celebrations.

7. Rotate – Consider the board’s needs and members’ performance in changing assignments or removing members.

8. Evaluate – Assess the performance of individual members and the board as a whole.  Look for ways to improve.

9. Celebrate – Recognize victories and progress.  Reward and appreciated the contributions of individual board members.   Have Fun!

I hope this helps. Let me know in the comments. Sharing is Caring.

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