7 Ways Nonprofits Can Reach Potential Donors

Nonprofits are always continually fundraising and looking for prospective donors.

There are many different types of fundraising. Individual giving, corporations, foundations, grants are just a few. Usually, the type of fundraising is determined by what fits with your organization. However, a healthy organization does not have more than 20% of its budget come from one source.

The question becomes how to reach out to potential funders and attract attention to your nonprofit.

1. Know Your Target Audience

There is no such thing as a general audience. You must know your donor avatar. What motivates your donors to give, where do they live on social media, do they prefer email communication or print communication. Determine the answers to these questions and it will help you make the right choices on your message, your chosen platform, and how to start your connections.

2. Create A Detailed Proposal Packet

Whether you are seeking corporate sponsorship, a capital campaign, or a legacy gift you must have a proposal packet. This packet should include the proposal with a specific ask, a case for support, a budget with revenue secured and how the money will be spent, marketing materials such as an annual report, and an organization fact sheet. In some cases, you may want to include a board roster.

3. Use Multiple Channels to Communicate with Prospects

Depending on which segments of your donors you are targeting you must create fundraising appeals for that group. In today’s world of technology and mobile devices, there are many options. Don’t limit yourself to one method. Meet donors where they are. Text, social media, emails, and direct mailing all have their place in successful fundraising.

4. Organize Virtual Events

As a result of the pandemic, donors now are used to virtual events. These events do not have to be an auction or gala style it can be a podcast, expert panel, summit, or conference. Funds can be raised using funnels by collecting registration fees and offering upsells packets. Sponsorships can also be secured for these events. Nonprofits can use Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn to attract potential donors while offering value through their content.

5. Call or Face-to-Face Meeting

Face-to-face meetings are best when reaching potential donors. If you cannot secure a meeting the second-best option is a personal phone call. These conversations should be discovery in nature. The nonprofit is learning about the potential donors’ interests and answering any questions that the donor may have. The goal is to build a relationship.

6. Share Your Impact

People give because they want to make an impact on their community. You are giving them the opportunity to make a difference. Make sure donors know how their gift made a difference in their lives of the homeless, youth, animals, and families. Share your impact directly with the donors and on multiple channels such as social media, emails, and news releases.

7. Search for Alignment

Specifically, when seeking corporate partnerships, grants, and foundation funding ensure that your mission aligns with their core values. It is easier when working with grants and foundations. This is clearly outlined in the application process. For companies, you must go on a discovery process and learn about the company’s values. The best way to do this is to meet with company decision-makers and introduce them to your organization and follow the same process you would with an individual potential donor.

I hope this helps. I’d love to hear from you on how you are reaching more donors. Sharing is Caring.

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