7 Easy Ways for Board Members to Fundraise during COVID-19

7 Easy Ways for Board Members to Fundraise during COVID-19

You would be surprised to know that people are still giving to nonprofits generously during this pandemic. I had a conversation with a friend whose business is booming, even during this economic disruption, and she is actively seeking nonprofits to support.

So, ask yourself how can you as a board member help people give to your favorite nonprofit?

1. Continue giving yourself

As a board member, you set an example for others. You are considered family to the organization and as such should be leading the way for the rest of the community by giving.  Some organizations have a minimum gift amount from board members. Some organizations just ask board members to give a significant gift. How your board has decided to deal with the issue, the size of the gift is not always as relevant.  What is relevant is your understanding that financially supporting the organization is a part of your role as a board member. So, don’t stop giving it demonstrates your commitment to your organization.

2. Share with others that you’re giving

Now is not the time to be modest. Share with others that you are giving. This will provide social proof that will inspire others to give. Take it a step further, if you have a birthday during these months set up a birthday fundraiser on Facebook and invite all your friends to give. If possible, you can even challenge them by letting them know if you hit your goal you will match the gift!

3. Host a virtual cultivation event

Hold a non-ask event such as a virtual house party. Using Zoom, bring together 10 of your friends who are not connected to the organization. Share with them your nonprofit story – why you are involved, what values connect you to the nonprofit and start laying the foundation for the ask.

Not sure how to host a virtual house party.  You can download a guide here.

4. Write a letter to the editor

If you enjoy writing take the time to write a letter to the editor. During this chaotic time of politics and pandemic people want to hear good news. A letter praising the work of a local nonprofit can be a breath of fresh air. You can share how your nonprofit is supporting the community during this pandemic and introduce your organization to a set of new people.

Whether or not you read the newspaper, people in your community do and your words will help shape public perception.

5. Make Check-In Calls to Donors

Pick up the phone and check on your nonprofit’s donors during this time. Just like you, many of them may be stuck at home or going to work and feeling a little unsafe. Few people ever get a phone call simply saying I am calling to check on you and to say “Thank you.” Ask your staff for the phone numbers of 5-10 people who’ve recently made a gift and/or of your largest donors. You can simply say:

As a board member of [nonprofit’s name], I want to check on you and see how you were faring during this time and to say “thanks.”

Your support of [nonprofit’s name] is [tangible impact—changing lives/saving pets/giving kids hope/feeding people].

We couldn’t do it without you. So, again thank you.

This will not require a lot of your time as you will more than likely get a voicemail.  Leave the message and then follow up with a text message.

6. Get Social

Conduct a Facebook Live sharing with your audience what impresses you the most about your nonprofit or why you’re delighted to serve as a board member. If going live intimidates you consider liking, commenting, or retweeting your nonprofits social media posts. This will help with algorithms putting the post into other people’s feeds, getting your nonprofit’s news in front of more eyes.

7. Get Fundraising Training

Whether you are comfortable with it or not, fundraising is part of your job description as a board member. So, get training. There are a host of free webinars, blogs, virtual summits, and challenges that you can take part in. You can find both webinars and blogs at www.supportingworldhope.com.

So, don’t let this pandemic slow you down as a board member. There are many ways that board members can support fundraising during this time. This blog gives you a starting point of 7 ideas. At your next board meeting share this information with the board and challenge them to take on at least 2 of the ideas. Imagine how much better your fundraising would be if each board member committed to doing at least two things on this list?

I hope this helps. What other ideas can you share to help with board fundraising during this pandemic?  Let me know in the comments. Sharing is Caring.

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