8 Free Online Virtual Fundraising Platforms

As I am learning new platforms I am adding them to this list… 5 and growing!!!

So, when I talk to my nonprofit brothers and sister about what their number one challenge is, they always say fundraising. This has been exacerbated more by the pandemic. It can be difficult to figure out how to fundraise when you can’t leave the house.

COVID-19 has forced us to figure out how to fundraise while social distancing.

Hence the rise of online virtual fundraising such as peer-to-peer giving and online auctions.

Below are 8 FREE online platforms that nonprofit can use to spread their virtual “wings.”

Givebutter — This platform allows you to incorporate a donate button, peer-to-peer fundraising, event ticketing, and fundraising pages.

Give Lively -This platform allows for campaign pages, donation widgets, text-to-donate, event ticketing, live display, and peer-to-peer fundraising, a small token “give in honor of,” and salesforce integration. They even have a pledge of forever free for these services.

Kindest — This platform provides a donor CRM, universal donation page, CRM integration, recurring donations, and peer-to-peer fundraising.

32Auctions — On this platform, you can have up to 20 items in your auction with a display image, a custom auction link, a display fundraising goal meter on the main auction page, and much more for free.

Charity Fundraising — Offers autographed memorabilia, VIP experience, vacation packages, and auction items on a no-risk consignment basis, so your organization will receive 100% of the profits. It’s a great fit with 32Auction.

Donorbox – This is a recurring donation platform that provides nonprofits with a better donation checkout process. To encourage more donors to subscribe to recurring donations, they use a donor-controlled recurring donation system. Their system gives donors the ability to pause, increase, or decrease donation amounts at any time. Their system is free for nonprofits. They have a pledge of forever free for their services.

Every.org – This platform uses the power of community fundraising. After completing the payment process, people have the option to add a comment about why they donated and to share their donation with friends or on social media. It was built by a nonprofit and is forever free. If you want to explore cyrptocurrency they also have you covered for free. They do all the backend work and you promote your link.

BetterWorld – This platform allows nonprofits to access a full suite of fundraising tools, completely for free. No tacky ads, no sharing data, no “platform fee.” Tools include auctions, giveaways, crowdfunding, and more!

I hope this helps. If you know of other free online platforms that can be used for fundraising let me know in the comments. Sharing is Caring.

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