4 Easy Steps to Recruiting a Great Annual Campaign Chairperson

Ok, you are all excited about starting an annual campaign for your organization.  But you know you can’t do it by yourself.  You need a good team. Each phase must have a committee chairperson.  This chairperson plays an important role in the success of the annual campaign.

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The Family Phase requires two chairpersons:

  • Board Campaign Chairperson
  • The Staff Campaign Chairperson

The Flooring & Challenge Phase:

  • Campaign Chairperson

The Friend Phase:

  • Phon-a-thon and/or Direct mail Chairperson

The importance of a good Campaign Chairperson can’t be overemphasized. The Flooring & Challenge Phase represents 50-70% of your campaign goal.  Below are 4 steps to recruiting a great Campaign Chairperson.

  1. Make a List

Make a list of people who have played leadership roles in your organization in the past.  This would include board members, members, and chairpersons of the development committee, former board members, upper-level donors, and those who have chaired special events or who have successfully secured sponsorships or major gifts.

  1. Narrow your List

From the list, identify the two or three people who you think would have the best ability to lead the campaign and recruit others to help the effort. Review the short list with the CEO and determine the top candidate.

  1. Identify the Recruitment Team

Decide who should do the recruitment.  Members of the “recruitment team” (might only be the CEO and one board member or volunteer) need to be people who are already passionate about your organization and have influence and access to your top candidate.

  1. Set a meeting with the Top Candidate

The recruitment team leader should schedule a personal appointment with the potential candidate. At the meeting, the “recruitment team” should thank the candidate for the opportunity to talk about something that is very important to the future of your organization.  Explain that your goal is to establish an annual giving campaign that will substantially increase individual contributions to your organization.  Ask the candidate to consider chairing your campaign, but before the candidate answers, tell them about the support you will be providing the chairperson. Also, explain that you have not determined a final goal for the campaign and that the chairperson will have input into the final goal. At this point, remain silent and wait for the candidate to respond.  The candidate may have many questions. Be prepared for them to say, “I’m too busy” or “I don’t have enough time.” This is when you want to emphasize the support that is being provided to the campaign. Then proceed to explain the Annual Campaign Chairperson Job Description with an emphasis on the recruitment of a campaign committee. After the meeting, be sure to complete a Call Report Form.

I hope this helps. Your feedback is appreciated.

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