3 FREE Graphic Design Tools for Nonprofits

I was so excited to write this.  Like every nonprofit CEO, my jam is FREE!  Another one of my passion is graphic design.  So, when I can combine those two things and share them, I am in Heaven.

Do you need to build a website? Post on social media? Or need professional images for fundraising materials?  Here are three of my favorites and you need little or no technical skills.


This FREE web-based tool makes graphic design easy and fun.  After creating an account and logging in you can start a new project by selecting from pre-set dimensions for Facebook cover photos, Instagram posts, flyers, PowerPoint slides and many more.

The drag and drop builder will feel right at home with anyone who has used PowerPoint.  You can even save designs for later use on editing. There is also an app that lets you design right in the palm of your hand.

Still, don’t feel comfortable?  No worries, Canva has a FREE resource section-called Design School. It is full of tutorials and articles.

For more premium images there is a paid version of the tool.  But who needs that when you can just use our next FREE jewel, Pexels.


This tool offers high-quality images for FREE and makes the process of uploading and sharing easier than ever. The browse by category and search functions let you work much faster too.

Need a picture of people? No problem.  A landscape? Pexels has you! Just like a paid site, but for FREE.

Don’t worry, if the images on Pexels look familiar, it’s because their staff collects the best of the FREE images from around the web and puts them in a central collection for you to search.  They also update their database with 20 high-quality images each day based on what they find.

Another great feature, Pexels tells you everything – Size, aspect ratio, camera, aperture, focal length, shutter speed, and ISO.

And the best thing is there is no need to join a mailing list, enter a CAPTCHA code or watch an ad.  And yes, there is an app for that!


Looking for something a little more interactive?  Look no further than PosterMyWall.com. Great for ads, they offer template-based designing, which reduces time spent creating.

Their flyers, banners, and posters come in handy when hosting an event. Their video component adds an element of surprise. You can just hop right in, grab a template, and start customizing. There are over 800 customizable design templates for nonprofit organizations.

Although there is no app, it works easily on your computer, tablet or phone.  It’s FREE to use on their site and to create an account. You only pay if you need a high-resolution file of your design or you don’t like the watermark banner running across the image.  FYI, if you use the social media size designs those do not have the PosterMyWall.com watermark.

Happy Designing!

I hope this helps. Your feedback is appreciated.

If you are a CEO or ED of a nonprofit organization and want to learn from me and others join the Supporting World Hope Facebook Group.

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