3 Features on Nonprofit Fundraising

With the world on high alert because of the coronavirus, I am sure you as a nonprofit leader are thinking, how is this crisis going to affect my mission and the ability to raise funds? There are various closures, cancellations, and quarantines affecting organizations worldwide.  Things are changing very quickly from day-to-day.   

Your first obligation is to take all precautions and stay safe during this time.   

Then I say to you, stay focused and educate yourself from the comfort of your home or office.    Here are some works on fundraising I am featuring:

Facebook Live: Sipping Tea with Sabrina: Corporate Giving Interview with Abraham Quiroga, Magic Valley Electric Coop

Blog: 5 Keys for Nonprofits to Build Relationships with Donors  

Webinar: How to Energize a Bored Board: Engagement Towards Fundraising

I hope this helps. Your feedback is appreciated.  Sharing is caring. Leave any questions below and I will get back to you.   

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