2020 is a Year to be Grateful

This holiday is one of my favorites. I love Thanksgiving traditions like enjoying a special meal.    Most of all, I love getting the chance to spend time with loved ones and show some extra appreciation for family and friends.

Most of us are celebrating a bit differently this year — I’ll be staying home tomorrow and holding off on getting together in a group to help keep our communities safe. However, the important part of this holiday hasn’t changed. This season is all about giving thanks for the people in our lives. For me, that includes every single one of you.

You make my work possible and meaningful. With that, I say thank you. 

Thank you for doing life-changing work.

Thank you for working long hours, even when you’re tired.

Thank you for giving up time with your family to make sure that another one gets what they need.

Thank you for never giving up, no matter how tough the going gets.

Thank you for caring, even when those you’re helping aren’t grateful.

Thank you for every little thing you do that makes your nonprofit what it is.

Thank you for being an unyielding advocate for those you serve.

It all adds up. It all matters.

You make the world better.

Along with my appreciation, I also want to make you a promise: No matter what comes next for your nonprofit, Supporting World Hope will have your back. I will never stop supporting you and your nonprofit work.   

A friendly reminder don’t forget to share your appreciation with your donors. 

Many of them have gone the extra mile this year to help you during these difficult times. Don’t they deserve to be showered with gratitude?  

Even if donors cut back on their giving or haven’t given at all this year, they should still get some attention. Hopefully, they’ll give again in the future. There’s a better chance of that if you treat them well.

Showing gratitude doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should, but you need to spend just as much time thanking your donors as you do on fundraising.

I hope this helps. I’d love to hear from you. Simply comment and share what you’re grateful for this Thanksgiving, and how you’ll be spending it. Sharing is Caring.

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