12 Free Fundraising Software

This list is growing. As I am learning about new platforms I am adding them to the list. 12 and growing!!

Fundraising platforms provide nonprofits with a means to raise money online but not all are created equal. You must do your research and read the small print!

When evaluating each platform, analyze the features, fees, overall quality, online user reviews, and support services.

Below is a list of 12 free fundraising platforms available.

Includes peer-to-peer fundraising, event ticketing, donor management, and live streaming. It is free thanks to their tip-or-fee model. They allow donors to leave 100% optional tips—or if you’d prefer to hide tips, a small platform fee applies instead. There is a credit card processing fee of 2.9% & 30 cents, which can be covered by the donor. Nonprofits can use Venmo and PayPal with this platform, send outbound texts for free, and add donate buttons or forms to their websites. Did I mention it’s free for the nonprofit?


Nonprofits must apply to be a Givelively organization. The platform provides campaign pages, donation widgets, text-to-donate, event ticketing, live display, and peer-to-peer campaigns. There are no platform fees but there are third-party fees — 0.8% (cap of $5) for Stripe, 2.9% plus $0.30 processing fee for credit cards, or 2.9% plus $0.30 fee PayPal. These fees are higher for international transactions.


Provides events, peer-to-peer campaigns, and a CRM. The platform is free to the nonprofit. The donor covers the cost. Donors, ticket buyers, and purchasers are asked to provide a variable platform tip to BetterUnite — 5% of their contribution, capped at $20. Should the donor choose to lower the amount that they give to BetterUnite, they can do so to 2% or $1.


Promotes recurring donors, has text-to-give, and many integration features. There is a 1.5% platform fee and additional payment processing fees.


Encourages donors to get social with their giving to encourage others to give. They promote gift cards that donors give to designated nonprofits. There are no platform fees.


Included in this platform are donation forms, donation pages, recurring donations, supporter management, donation management, and an app. There is a 3.5% platform fee and credit card processing fees 2.9% plus $0.30 processing fee for Stripes or 2.9% plus $0.30 fee for PayPal.


Designed for mobile giving they offer donation tracking for users and a web portal for registered nonprofits that allows them to customize their presence and receive donation payouts. Pricing is 2.9% + $0.30/transaction.


Offers a free landing page, Facebook messenger integration, unlimited subscribers, one-click live chat, chat-to-donate, website integration, donation page & widget, custom URL, and donor management. There are no platform fees but there is a Stripe 2.9% plus $0.30 processing fee for credit cards.


Offers donation forms, events & ticketing, email blast, peer-to-peer fundraising, and a credit card scanner. Givebox charges no additional platform or transaction fees over the credit card companies fee of 2.9% plus 29 cents.

GoFundMe Charity

This platform provides peer-to-peer, DIY, and multi-team fundraising. There are no platform or transaction fees except for the credit card company’s 1.9% plus 30 cents.


Included on this platform is community fundraising, event registrations, peer-to-peer campaigns, website hosting, & integrations. It offers a free forever pledge and has features that can be upgraded at a cost. Donors are asked to cover a processing fee for their donations. If a donor opts out, nothing is charged. There are credit card processing fees 2.9% plus $0.30 processing fee for Stripes or 2.9% plus $0.30 fee for PayPal.


Allows unlimited campaign pages for crowdfunding for nonprofits. They have two free plans. The basic free plans ask the donors for an optional tip to help keep the service free for nonprofits. The free plus plan has a 5% fee without asking donors for a tip. Both free plans include a 2.9% plus 30 cents Stripe credit card transaction fee.

Free fundraising software is a great way to save money and raise money for your mission. The above free fundraising tools are a low-risk test as you figure out the best software for you. If you like them, keep them, and possibly expand their features with a paid version. If you don’t like them, stop using the software with no-added costs to your nonprofit.

I hope this helps. Know of any other free fundraising software we can add to this list. Let me know. Sharing is Caring.

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